Papilio CBD Tiger Balm - lifestyle shot - glass jar with the lid taken off so that you can see the contents of the jar. Background of a white vase and gypsophila flowers.

CBD Tiger Balm

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CBD Tiger Balm with notes of camphor, clove and menthol  

Relieve tired and aching muscles with our premium quality balm.

For centuries, Tiger Balm has been used to bring relief to tired and  aching muscles. Combining the wisdom of this ancient recipe with  the beneficial properties of CBD, our premium quality balm soothes  and relieves, and can help to ease headaches by applying a small  amount to the temples, or the point of pain.  

To alleviate symptoms of flu or the common cold, this balm can be also be used as an inhalation remedy, or for its decongestant  qualities when rubbed directly onto the chest. Test on a small area  of skin before using on a larger area.  

The nourishing properties of this balm will leave your skin feeling  moisturised and protected. 

Our CBD products are manufactured in the UK by industry leading experts, offering the purest and highest quality CBD. 

The Facts 

500MG in a 50ML glass jar

Ingredients: Eugenol, Cannabidiol, Eugenia Caryophyllys (Clove) Bud Oil,  Isoeugenol, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyl Benzoate, Geraniol, Linalool. 

Directions of Use

If you have tired and aching muscles, or a  headache, get targeted pain relief by massaging tiger balm  onto the a ected area. You will begin to feel a cold sensation,  followed by a warming one as the ingredients get to work,  encouraging your muscles to relax.  

Advisory: Be careful not to apply near to the eyes - if contact  is made, flush immediately with cold water. Do not use on  open wounds, such as cuts or sores on the skin or scalp.  DO NOT EAT - only use directly on skin or for inhalation. 

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