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Papilio Products has been co-founded by two cousins, Georgina and Caroline. Each of them started using CBD for different reasons, and it was at a family occasion that they got talking… and talked some more… and an idea was born.

Together they want to bring the wonderful world of CBD to you. Their aim is to demystify the science and explain the benefits clearly to help you make the right choice to transform your mood and lifestyle. By sourcing premium quality CBD, Caroline and Georgina are able to offer consumers a superior product, which they believe in and use themselves.

With an aim to provide answers to your questions Papilio Products can be your go-to hub.  If they don't know, then they will go to accredited, responsible sources to find out. Consider Caroline & Georgina to be the myth-busting, truth-seeking, information-sharing CBD Cousins! 

Contact Caroline and Georgina on email:
PO Box 417, Hitchin, SG5 9FX