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What list are you on?!

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You may be aware that the CBD industry is currently undergoing strict regulation - this is really positive news as it means that only accredited ingestible CBD brands are allowed to sell their products in the UK, and they have to get through the FSA (Foods Standards Agency) first.


Anything that you take orally, through your mouth.  This is because CBD in this form is classified as a food supplement.  


OK... so what does that mean for Papilio?

It has been a very stringent process, and many other brands have had to withdraw from the market as they did not meet the criteria - however, we are delighted to share with you that Papilio CBD has made the list!

Great news! How can I check?

Search for us (or any other CBD brand) using the link below to ensure that you are buying FSA accredited products.


What about your other CBD products?

Only our CBD Oil Oral Drops had to pass the accreditation process - all of our other products can continue to be sold without the need for FSA approval.

Great!  How do I join in the celebration?

To mark this momentous achievement and to say thank you for being part of our success, we'd like to give you a 15% discount voucher code, to use between now and 31st May 2022 (ends midnight) on any of our CBD products.  Just enter ONTHELIST15 at the checkout.

If you have any queries, just drop us a line.

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