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Hello All!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Papilio Products.  Set up by two cousins, Georgina and Caroline. 

Together we want to bring the wonderful world of CBD to you, explain the benefits clearly and help you make the right choice to transform your mood and lifestyle.

We aim to be your go-to hub - providing answers to your questions.  If we don't know, we'll go to accredited, responsible sources to find out. 

Each week, we want to bring you some form of wellness, health or lifestyle hack, activities and interesting reads. We aim to share positive vibes, myth-bust, truth-seek and become your information-sharing CBD Cousins!  

This week we wanted to introduce ourselves. We have been working hard, chatting to experts, researching and honing in on the wonderful world of CBD. It is clear to us that the CBD industry is booming, there are so many products out there, but not all follow the advisory guidelines and a high percentage of the market are not even genuine!

Here is a great article with lots of information about CBD in the UK. Written by Blair Gibbs Dr Andrew Yates Jon Liebling from The Centre for Medical Cannabis - CBD in the UK, Executive Summary

Caroline's Story

When CBD first hit the market, like many other people, I thought it was related to cannabis and steered clear.  I’m so glad that someone I know put me right! 

I hadn’t realised the benefits of taking CBD, and how it could help me to get my life back on track. I had recently gone through a traumatic break up with my long-term partner, and I was in a huge amount of pain – emotionally and physically. I believe that a lot of bodily pain is the manifestation of trapped emotions, and nothing I tried was really helping.  Then a friend of mine suggested that I try CBD oil, and things really started to change! I was able to relax into the day, take the ups and downs in my stride, and because I was more relaxed, the pain started to subside.

I like the fact that I can amend my dosage safely and in accordance with how I am feeling on a particular day.  Some days I don’t need to take it, some days I need a little boost.

I’m now back to playing tennis – only a few months ago, this would have been an impossible dream! My body is still recovering from months of trauma, but I am on the road to recovery and I truly believe that CBD has contributed to this healing.  

Georgina's Story

I began my research into CBD as I had heard that it can help with anxiety and stress relief. The more I researched into CBD, I realised how fascinating the plant Cannabis really is.

I don't suffer severe anxiety, but like many people, I do find dealing with my own ups and downs, especially during PMS a bit of a struggle. Not to mention the monthly migraine I tend to endure. It was when I tried CBD that I was able to focus more, regulate my mood and subsequently ‘lead a calmer and happier life’. The monthly migraines also subsided which was a massive bonus, as paracetamol never really worked for me.

That said, through my research into CBD I realised the importance of listening to your own body and getting to know what works for you. I don’t take CBD everyday, I just take it when I feel like my body needs a boost or a helping hand. I guess it's a bit like taking vitamins!

Having worked in the food industry, I am a strong believer in ‘you are what you eat’. If you are eating well, exercising regularly and staying healthy, then ultimately you will feel better. However that is easier said than done. It is good to stay realistic and sometimes you just need that helping hand. I truly believe that CBD has had a positive effect on my overall wellbeing. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a bit, and look forward to helping you lead a calmer and happier life! 



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