Try making ‘IF THEN’ plans

By Rory Holford, Rory_Holfit, 9 April 2021, How to stick to your goals.

As we reflect on ‘World Health Day’ this week, we would like to introduce you to Rory Holford, not only a member of the family but a skilled Personal Trainer, keen rugby player and all round bundle of joy!

If you are looking for that extra support to get your fitness back on track be sure to drop Rory a message here. He has been in the fitness sector for the past 6 years, in multiple different countries, learning and training via lots of different techniques and modalities. He studied Sports Performance at University and has his level 2 in rugby coaching as well as being NASM level 2 & 3 qualified. 👨‍🎓

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Here are a few tips from Rory, which we love and often use to help stick to our own personal goals. There is nothing worse than that feeling of over promising and under delivering… even if it’s to yourself!

Make ‘IF THEN’ plans…

If you find yourself making excuses, not sticking to your plans and seem to keep falling further and further away from your goals, then making ‘IF THEN’ plans could work for you.

Rory Personal Trainer

How do they work?


Step 1: Set a realistic goal… e.g. Lose 5kg by September to feel good when planning on going on holiday ☀️

Step 2: Make your plan…e.g. Workout x4 hours a week

Step 3: Implement the IF THEN mentality

IF it’s Monday, Wednesday, Friday, THEN I’ll workout in the morning.

Have a backup:

IF I didn’t sleep well the night before, THEN I will go for a long walk instead.

IF work runs over and I miss my online class, THEN I will do 10 squats, 10 press ups, 10 burpees.

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