Out of adversity

Out of adversity comes opportunity

Last time we talked to you about our new CBD Tiger Balm, and now a month later it is the turn of the Lion - or maybe three of them.

Regardless of whether you are a football fan or not, or whether you watched the England v Italy match last Sunday night, you cannot have failed to hear about the derogatory and racist comments hurled at the three English players who missed their penalties.

And yet… what do we now know now? Even if we never watch another game (until the World Cup!) we know these players’ names, their backgrounds, how they came to play for their national team, which charities and campaigns they stand for. We know that we have found the abuse startling, unjustified and abhorrent. We know that the groundswell of support shows that sometimes you need the darkness to let the light shine in.

It was Ben Franklin who first coined the phrase “…out of adversity comes opportunity”, and in this case, it’s exactly the right sentiment.

The opportunity to be kind, to be understanding, to be supportive. To find out what else goes on when the football jersey is hung up, what great role models and campaigners many of the England squad are, quietly and without fanfare.

In the same way, we should be kind to ourselves. To turn negatives into postives where possible. To find the opportunities where there is adversity. If you are in pain - emotional or physical, research alternative remedies and therapies; find an online community of like minded people; discover new ways to apply self care to yourself; immerse yourself in rising up from being a victim, to a victor.

That’s what we did - and that’s how Papilio was founded. Every cloud has a silver lining, and hopefully we can all remember to look for it.

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