Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day

This week we celebrate Earth Day 2021, and this year’s theme Restore Our Earth™ which proposes that that a healthy planet is not an option, it's a necessity.

Each one of us needs a healthy Earth to support our own health, our survival and our happiness - and as a company whose products come directly from the hemp plant, we couldn’t agree more.

Without a healthy planet, there is no natural health.

What is Earth Day?

Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. You can find out more here.

From our side, we wanted to find out how our business impacts on the planet. 


As well as ensuring that our marketing activites are carbon neutral, and that packaging is as close to 100% recyclable as possible, we wanted to know - can hemp be good for the planet?

There’s a great article by goodhemp.com which explains the benefits that hemp can bring to the environment – “from clearing the air to regenerating soil and providing a habitat for wildlife, hemp is good for the planet and has many environmental benefits, plain and simple”:

If you just want a snapshot, here are the Hemp-tastic highlights:

 1. Breathes in Co2

Hemp is basically nature’s purifier. The plant captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and more rapidly than trees can, and makes what we breathe much cleaner.

 2. Regenerates the Soil

The stem and leaves of the hemp plant are jam-packed with nutrients. As the plant matures and the seed grows, leaf matter falls to the ground and decomposes replenishing the soil with goodness ready for the next crop.

3. Supports Sustainable Farming

An important aspect of sustainable farming is all about rotating crops according to the season in order to keep soil nutrients up. Because hemp is an annual crop which grows within just four months of being planted, it’s an ideal candidate for rotation.

4. Helps Against Pesticides

A huge environmental benefit of hemp is that it doesn’t require any pesticides or herbicides to grow.

5. Prevents Soil Erosion

The roots networks of the hemp plant grow strong and up to a whopping nine feet deep! They can help to hold soil together and prevent erosion, which is one of the greatest problems facing farmers today.

6. Needs Little Water

Hemp has the miraculous ability to irrigate itself naturally, which means it requires very little water to grow.

7. Nothing goes to Waste

Did you know that hemp can be used to produce over 25,000 products?! That means that absolutely nothing goes to waste with this plant.

8. Absorbs Toxic Metals

We’ve looked at how hemp can clear the air and replenish soil, but it can also eliminate harmful toxins by absorbing them. Famously, the plant was used following the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl to remove radioactive strontium and cesium, and has even been considered for removing radiation from Fukushima.

9. Provides a Habitat for Wildlife

Hemp plants can grow up to three feet tall which makes them an excellent little hiding place for wildlife, and when hemp flowers bloom they’re good pollen source for bees.

10. Can help in the Fight against Deforestation

Scientists across the world now believe that within 100 years, there will be no rainforest. But there is hope in hemp. While trees take years to mature, hemp can be grown in just four months.


In conclusion:

Celebrating Earth Day serves as a conscious reminder of how fragile our planet is and how important it is to protect it. 

 By using hemp related products for your health, beauty and wellbeing needs, you are encouraging an industry which is good for the planet and can play a part in saving it! Spread the word - hemp has a multitude of benefits for you, me and our planet.

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