A lovely cup of CBD tea

The bunting is still flapping from the lamp posts, Union Jacks are still adorning the market square and the hashtag #plattyjoobs still gets a smile even though the Platinum Jubilee Weekend festivities have relunctantly come to an end.

Whether you are a Royalist or a Fabian, it was a fantastic weekend of reconnection through community events, a chance to meet neighbours for the first time or simply enjoying the "best decorated cake" competition over a good old fashioned cup of tea.

The British cup of tea is iconic the world over - from drawing rooms and cucumber sandwiches, to a "builder's" brew at the cafe, and everything in between - for breakfast, for elevenses, after a walk, with a slice of cake.  For tears, for shock, for relief, for celebration.

A cup of tea with a cannabis leaf placed over the top of the cup

Now we're offering you another way to drink your tea - Papilio is serving up a range of beneficial herbal teas infused with CBD flowers.  These naturally healthy solutions, together with the benefits of CBD, can help to support you in so many ways. 

  • To bring you calm - a floral infusion of Chamomile which helps to aid digestion and relieve anxiety.
  • To soothe your body - packed full of flavour and anti-oxidants, this botanical blend of Elderberry, Rosehip and Hibiscus has a myriad of health benefits.
  • To boost your energy - an exotic blend of organic Camellia Sinensis and Korean Sencha green tea
  • To boost your immune system - a refreshing citrus Lemon infusion with a warming zing of Ginger.
  • To cleanse your body - a delicately flavoured and refreshing CBD herbal tea, combining two of nature's best health boosters - Nettle and Peppermint.
  • For anti-inflammation - earthy and aromatic; this slightly spicy sensation containing Turmeric and Chai spices is both smooth and uplifting

If you are unsure about CBD, or want to just dip your toe in the water, this range is a delicious and cost-effective way to see how CBD can benefit you!

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